What are the benefits of a digital signature

A digital signature or an electronic signature is a method by which one can authenticate and secure documents on any online or on a virtual platform. It is also known as an e-signature for short. It is a method to authenticate the sender of a message, thus making the source seem more reliable to the recipient of the online message. A digital signature is just as personal as a hard copy version and is considered by many to be far more secure and customized.

These digital signatures are impossible to imitate, saving one from thieves, crooks and con men. A digital signature also comes with an automatic time stamp. This acts as a further verification and authentication of the document being signed. At times when such documents need to be furbished in court for any reason, they serve as invaluable documentation and evidence.

Such digital signatures are even easily portable and can be carried around to the required location at which the signature must be made. These signatures can be used on all types of documents, of varying formats, regardless of whether they have been encrypted or not. One of the largest uses of such signatures is on digital certificates to authenticate any merit, participation or role of an individual.

A digital signature certificate does, however, require a specialized software. This software, when installed in a computer or device enables one to use such a tool on any documents on that device or those that go through it. The digital signature is assigned a public – private key. And every message it is used on is assigned a hash. This public – private key is then used to encrypt the hash of the given message, making it a one of a kind document that has absolutely no scope for replication.

A good digital signature maintains the integrity of the message as it a guarantee that the document contains the required authentic information as is desired by the recipient. This helps build the relationship of trust between the sender of the message and its receiver. Such a relationship is of utmost importance to many businesses and firms and is an investment in a positive measure taken towards such a goal. Any execution of the said document is also guaranteed in one speedy digital signature, especially in the eyes of the law. This saves one a great deal of trouble with regards to legalities and is far more cost effective in terms of legal expenses and time effective in terms of the cumbersome paperwork that would be required otherwise.

A digital signature is also more environmentally friendly if bought from an official DSC vendor. Valuable resources – like paper and ink – which are derived from natural resources and use even more natural resources in their manufacture, are all saved due to the use and effectiveness of a digital signature on a virtual platform. In the long term this is also a considerable saving in terms of money as it is far more cost effective as well.

A digital signature marks a change in technology and even in the way transactions are undertaken and business is done. It has made it simpler to sign and authenticate documents while also guaranteeing security from all types of criminals, including those found in cyber space. Digital signatures make doing business more efficient and are effective tools in streamlining and fast tracking documentation approval and processes involved in the same.

While it might take a while to adjust to, in this fast paced technology driven world, a transition into this type of new technology is inevitable and will aid future business endeavors.

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