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Digital Signature Certificates - Why do you need class 2, class 3 dscs

In accordance with the latest regulation from the Ministry Of Company Affairs, now each e-form needs to have a digital signature. Without the digital signature, the e-form will not be recognized on the legal platform. The e-form will be considered null and void. Detailed MCA21 programme is available at MCA Website for reference.

The Digital Signature Certificate, as the name suggests is an authenticating signature of class 2 and class 3 types, on the digital platform. Digital Signature Certificate has the same recognition in eyes of the law, as of the handwritten signature of an individual. It is a form of code which is embedded and can be used in the end of any e-form or other document or wherever required, through a specified process. However, before you start using your signature you need to create it in a digital format.

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Digital signature certificate as mentioned is a type of signature but digitally. Government of india is now making it mandatory to use of digital signature certificate to make system secure and better. DSC can be used at various places and no physical presence or signature required when opting for digital signing. One can apply digital signature of any class just by calling us on the number given and sparing just half an hour.


There is no big issue when you are seeking for applying a digital signature. But the dsc is granted or issued once the verification is done properly from the government side. Verification is done in two ways, i.e online and offline. For online verification your need to record an video and upload it to the MCA portal. Offline verification is also done to verify your mobile number etc you mentioned with subscription form. Once both are done successfully, dsc will be issued.

Apply Digital Signature Certificate for Income Tax, E-Tendering & more

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is given for the various fields of public sector. The use of the DSC in these sectors holds immense importance. Let’s have a look at how the DSC is used in these fields:

DSC for E-Tendering: for this purpose the TCS Class 3 DSC is used. The companies or the organization taking part in the tendering on online platform, this certificate is a must have. It also ensures the factor of secured transaction.

DSC for Income Tax: The specialized DSC, from TCS or other company is needed if one wishes to file the income tax returns through the online platform.

DSC for E-Ticketing/Railway: the rail travel service agents who are working with IRCTC, a subdivision of the India Railways need to obtain a tcs class 3 DSC or from other company. Only the agents with the DSC certificate are authorized to have legal transactions with IRCTC.

DSC for LIC and Provident Fund: the members of an organization having a provident fund can now transfer their claims through the online platform. However, to do that the need of DSC is there. The same goes for those who want to file their claims for the LIC.

We at DigiExcel, understand your business and its priority. Hence we serve you the required digital signature certificate as per your need at the earliest. We gives TCS digital signatures with validity of 1-year and 2-years.

How to get Class 2 or Class 3 digital signature

When it is the matter of creating your digital key then it is advisable to opt for those vendors or dsc providers whom you can trust and certified to do so. Digiexcel is such a company, which is official dsc vendor or provider in gurgaon and delhi who can provide you with authenticated digital signature key. We are based on Gurgaon but have our client base from all over India. Whatever you business may be, we serve every client with the same proficiency. We provide tcs class 2 as well as class 3 digital signatures, for you. Till date, we have proudly created and issued more than thousands of digital signatures.

In our client base, we have people from the field of CA, Company Secretary, SMEs, Corporate houses, Directors, Contractors etc. To get a digital signature certificate at lowest price contact us now or fill the form. You can contact us at 09718145900.

How to apply digital signature certificate by class

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate: It is now mandatory to have a Class 2 digital signature or class 2 with PAN encryption digital signature certificate to file your income tax return online. Digiexcel is the authorized licensed registration authority to process class 2 and 3 digital signature certificates across india. Apart from this we are also known as the best price dealer for class 2 and class 3 digital signature certificates (DSC). Digiexcel is efficient in providing class 2 digital signature to all individuals and employers for income tax, e filling and more. To buy class 2 digital signature call on the given number.

Class 3 Digital Signature: Class 3 digital signature is a type of digital signature with its own security level and use. Any organization interesting in apply for any government etender must have a class 3 digital signature registered with the name of authorized person to submit application form for e-tendering. Class 3 digital signature authorizes your identity as valid and provides you higher level of security while you transact online for e-tendering. Documents electronically signed by class 3 digital signature are safe and ensure privacy of the information exchanged over the web.

Step by step guide to apply digital signature certificate of any class.

Before applying for any digital signature of any class, we suggest you to go through the process which needs to be followed to get dsc token in minimum time.

  1. Identify the type of dsc you need to apply. You need to discuss the usage with your CAs or the places where you are going to use your digital signature. You need to confirm which class (class 2 or class 3 or DGFT) and type of encryption like signing only or encrypted.
  2. Once you are done with the identification, next step is call DigiExcel’s expert at 9718145900 and mention your requirements.
  3. DigiExcel team will provide the list of documents required to apply the desired class of DSC and you need to provide this set of documents for processing.

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