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Drive quality leads and sales through result oriented performance marketing offered by DigiExcel

Approx 70% of the total spend of advertisers in the online industry is covered by performance or affiliate marketing. Lots of brands and companies have started to appreciate it, but it’s not just a great-to-have strategy. You ought to hire an affiliate marketing agency or ad network. The smartest investment makes sure that your product will be promoted with assured performance over media channels like: email, diplay, ppc, programmatic.

Any digital marketing firm can promote your products over the internet, but performance based advertising is the trick that bridges the gap between media planning and success tracking technology done by ad networks in india.

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You have created the perfect product, and now you need the perfect advertising strategy to create a buzz in the market and get conversions. Your next step would be to look for the best and cost effective digital marketing agency who can initiate digital marketing activities like social media, search engine optimization, SEM and other stuffs. But one thing that most businesses ignore is performance based advertising. In performance campaigns or affiliate marketing, advertisers pay for the performance.

Affiliate marketing can be initiated in cost per model, branding campaigns, driving traffic, impressions, views and many other objectives depending upon the advertisers requirement. Agencies / ad networks like us tie up affiliate having different inventories like mailers, display, programmatic etc help us in delivering campaigns in any domain.


The big time challenge with affiliate marketing is quality which is lacking with most digital marketing agency and ad networks. It is agency/network responsibility to filter down the quality at their end as they are capable in doing this. This not only reduces the lead cost but also saves advertisers time in calling junk data. DigiExcel knows, which campaigns they are good in delivering best and pick only those campaigns we are confident to deliver with quality.

Second, taking campaign live at the right time is another challenge. What if the agency is not capable in taking campaign live as per advertiser’s plan. Don’t worry, once we are ready for a campaign, DigiExcel can take that campaign live in 12-24 hours only

Your steps to success will obviously start with defining the goal, but choosing the right affiliate marketing company and monitoring the campaign with comprehensive optimization of ROI makes affiliate marketing the perfect strategy. The role of the performance marketing agency is far different from a traditional marketing firm, and it can be seen by taking a look at the benefits of hiring the best performance agency in India.

How can affiliate agency help to outrun competitors

There is a huge surge in the trends and techniques of online marketing in India, however, the most important growth factor is still overlooked. Let us help you to know how this underrated growth sector, performance marketing or affiliate marketing, can help you change your image online.

Affiliate marketing agencies host various cost per campaigns like lead (CPL), sale (CPS), visit (CPV), click (CPC), install (CPI), impression (CPM) and many other campaigns based on advertisers need. Advertisers only pay when a predefined goal is achieved.

Our Affiliate Marketing Methodology

Here is a list of most popular affiliate programs you can adopt for inviting your potential customers:

  • CPL Campaign (cost per lead campaign): If you already have traffic then CPL works significantly well; here you have to pay whenever a customer provides contact info.
  • CPS Campaign (cost per sale campaign): This sort of campaigns promise an unlimited number of new customers. It is a low risk campaign that provides commission when a lead is converted into a purchase.
  • CPV Campaign (cost per visit campaign): You can go with CPV campaign if you are looking for contextual targeting. You are going to pay for video views in your ad campaigns. A view is counted when your ad is viewed for more than 30 seconds and if you bid higher for max CPV, your ad will get more chances to appear.
  • CPI campaign (cost per install campaign): It is yet another performance based strategy that takes your business to the next level with mobile applications. The efforts are made to drive installations based on fixed bid rates.

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