Google algorithms and its impact on websites

Tech giant Google has created numerous algorithms to track trends and content and its usage on the internet by users using the Google search engine and other Google devices and apps. This is of particular significance to those websites that write particularly to cater to search engines or have SEO (search engine optimised) content.

These algorithms look for certain factors to support your website when they look at how it must rank in the pages when certain key words have been typed into the search box by the user. Therefore it is important that your website is picked up by these algorithms and is seen to have the potential to be as high as possible in the listing of the relevant websites for a given search of key words.

A crucial aspect to ensuring that you stay in the good books of the algorithm is that you constantly update the content on your website. This then allows Google algorithms to recognize it as new and up to date information from an active website and hence it is likely to have a greater relevance to the search at hand.

It is also important for the content to be fresh and to a large extent as original as possible. While one’s research must be detailed and accurate as well as thorough, one’s content can not derive too directly from it nor plagiarise from it either. This will considerably hamper one’s ratings according to the algorithm as it looks for content that is new for the reader and will therefore interest them.

A significant aspect to help keep up with the algorithm is to understand the viewership of a given website and its target audience. Then one will be in a position to cater to what it is that they wish to see on the webpage. This makes your content more relevant to the searches and ensures more clicks on your website. This in turn ups you on the algorithm scale.

Another way to keep your website active and algorithm friendly is to ensure that you have links from and to other websites. This helps attract traffic from other webpages to your webpage as well (if a link to your website is on some other webpage). It also helps keep your website active and engaging for viewers (if your website has links to other pages on the internet that connect well to or compliment the content you have on display). It is also crucial to obtaining hits on your web page that you use the appropriate key words and tags. These must be relevant to the content you have created and the criteria of your target audience.

What is critical to websites to do well on the internet (defined in terms of wide viewership and reach) is the need to constantly stay up to date with trends on the internet as well as with changes in the algorithm. It is important to understand that the selection criteria of the algorithms are constantly reviewed and revised in order to make them more effective. Therefore, it is important to stay abreast with these changes and developments so that one can then create content that has been modified accordingly and will ensure that your website does not lose its ranking or position and if at all it does better.

While the algorithms that are being used by Google set various parameters and criteria for website content creation, the also serve as a valuable tool to generate relevant internet usage data which can make or break any organisation through its webpage.

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