Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3 Digital Signature provides highest level of security and can be used by individuals or organizations for personal or commercial purpose like e-tendering, e-ticketing, e-auction, e-bidding and e-procurement. It is the upgraded version of Class 2 Digital Signature and comes with next level of security.

The main reason to use Class 3 DSC is Security, Confidentiality and Integrity. A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate contains the company name and is issued to only those person of the organization which are authorized to represent that organization. But it is mandatory to get a digital signature from an authorized digital signature provider only to get the genuine DSC. Therefore we are here. DigiExcel is the authorized class 3 digital signature providing company based out of gurgaon provides class 3 DSC to all clients.

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