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Digital Signage Solution: Your one stop solution for digital kiosk + cloud enabled content management system + retail analytics

The simplest way to explain digital signage is that digital signage consists of an electronic display that displays content usually for advertising purposes. The display could be one or multiple displays or screens that display the information.


Digital signage uses LCD TVs or flat screen technology to display information that changes in real-time. Shopping malls, waiting rooms, airports, railway stations, cinema halls and many other indoor and outdoor spaces have digital signage in place. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Despite the different styles of digital signage systems there are few different key systems. Let your brand stand out with cloud based advertising with digital signage solution offered by DigiExcel.

How to avail ?

DigiExcel can be a boon for company's retail & OOH marketing campaign through digital signage because digital signage is much more effective than static signage. Moving images, eye-catching graphics and the ability to display changing messages in real time ensure that your advertising campaign is a success.

Also, we are the pioneer of providing three kinds of digital signage solutions all under one roof:
Digital Kiosk + Cloud Enabled Content Management system + Retail Analytics. Call us right now: +91.9718145900.

Benefits of digital signage

Digital signage displays with moving images create lasting impact: Moving images are better at capturing the attention of prospective customers compared to static images which do not engage people emotionally.

Digital signage displays can entertain with interactive experiences: From trying on glasses to putting on clothes virtually, the limits of interactivity are being stretched every day with digital signage. This means greater interaction with a business and creation of strong, positive memories for the consumer.

Digital signage displays put granular data at your fingertips: Digital displays with cloud software enabled have got cameras and anonymous data collection facilities that can help create detailed reports that reveal which promotions appeal most to consumers.

Digital signage displays allows for adaptable promotions: Digital signage displays allow ads that are relevant and topical to encourage impulse buying. Since they can change in real-time, different products and ads can be highlighted.

Types of Digital Signage Solution

Digital Kiosk – A digital kiosk is an interactive terminal that has software inside it that provides access to information related to different domains such as communication, entertainment, commerce or education.

Digital Signage Broadcast System - Put your message out in front of those who need to hear it and see it.

Retail & OOH Analytics - Analytics help to understand and make sense of the information that you’re putting out and understand the mind-set and behaviour of consumers.

DigiExcel is India's first Digital Signage Solutions Integrator which seeks to integrate Digital Kiosk, Cloud Enabled Content Management System and Retail Analytics to create Digital experiences.

Different kinds of Digital Signage

Digital Posters – Digital Posters are simply LCD screens that are placed against a wall.

Free Standing Digital Advertisement Displays - These are floor mounted display enclosures that are often used for interactivity as digital signage kiosks where touch screens allow people to interact with the screens.

Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage - Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage is digital signage that hangs from the ceiling, used for displaying information.

Outdoor Digital Signage - Outdoor digital signage is used just like indoor displays and is considered a replacement for printed billboards and hoardings. They are much more eye-catching and are more immune to effects of weather or environmental factors such as wind or dust.

How it differs from traditional signage?

1. Traditional signage displays are static while digital signage has moving images.
2. Traditional signage is not interactive while digital signage is interactive.
3. Traditional signage doesn’t have any digital elements so there is no data to be gleaned from there.
4. Traditional displays have high ongoing costs of reprinting, shipping and care.

Different industries using our digital signage services

Schools, Banks, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Multiplex, Real estate, Outdoor Media, Retail (fashion & apparel, supermarkets, jewellery, Cosmetics etc) and others.

Why choose DigiExcel as your digital signage provider

The key to a successful digital signage campaign is to combine content management software and digital signage kiosk with innovative and industry pace-setting capabilities and we are the pioneer of providing three kinds of digital signage solutions to all kinds of organizations.

  • DigiExcel is a digital signage system integrator.
  • DigiExcel provides turnkey solutions which means that the consumer can use plug and play solutions.
  • DigiExcel not only helps with the display but also helps with the Digital Signage Kiosk Design.
  • DigiExcel has dedicated content experts who craft the words that helps to create the right connections with people.
  • DigiExcel helps to understand the analytics and monetize the signage.
  • DigiExcel helps to acquire Digital Signage Media Property.
  • DigiExcel is a one stop digital signage content management solution
  • DigiExcel has a strong customer service department to answer all your queries
  • DigiExcel will help you understand the benefit of each digital signage and help you choose the best for your business
  • DigiExcel is affordable.
  • DigiExcel is reliable.
  • DigiExcel is transparent.

  • If your company is looking for digital signage solution to ensure that your brand is getting its name and fame and generating revenues, give a call to DigiExcel today. We are the first Digital Kiosk + Cloud Enabled Content Management system + Retail Analytics to create better digital experience in retail, outdoor, hospitals, hotels, schools, multiplexes, real estate, restaurants, government offices and schools provider. We know and understands the importance of branding and our highly qualified team will ensure that our digital signage service will be a value for money investment.

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